Interview with Meshuggah guitarist Mårten Hagström

Mia Timpano: Oh, I was going to ask you if you consider yourself sane.

Mårten Hagström: No, no, no. Not at all. Not from a technical standpoint. And I don’t think anyone is.

What do you mean?

Well, if you look at it, who is the Average Joe? Where is the Average Joe? You know like, okay, whenever you find the Average Joe who looks like the Average Joe, who’s got like two kids, a car, a wife, who lives in the suburbs some place, have a pretty decent income, and have no really radical thoughts about anything, just pretty much goes with the flow, average intelligence or whatever. You’re going to find he’s got a LOT of skeletons in the closet. Not necessarily the serial killer type, but everybody’s kinky and everybody’s twisted at some point, you know? And suppressing that is what turns into hardcore Catholic and real far-out, like, ideologies where you try and suppress stuff that’s actually just genetically encoded into human nature, you know? We could all learn a lot from acting like the insane people we are, but being responsible about it and trying to be loving while we’re doing it and not being such messed up repressed people that we have to take out our frustrating existence on someone else.

Download full interview as .mp3 (8Mb)

Originally broadcast on 3RRR FM 24 Sept 2008.


~ by miatimpano on October 2, 2008.

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