Interview with Hunters & Collectors french horn player Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith: You didn’t get any dirt out of me.

Mia Timpano: Haha, no, I would have been surprised to get any dirt out of you.

No, there isn’t really. I mean, I think with Mark’s book, which … you know, he was quite negative in his book. But he was as hard on himself as he was on the band, and where the band got to and where it should have been and all that sort of thing. So some people have come up and said to me, Oh gee, Mark’s book’s pretty bleak about the rest of the band. And I’ve said, Well have another look at it, because he’s pretty tough on himself as well. He’s often critical about himself as much as he is about other people.

And that seems to often be a trait of frontmen, I think, is this perfection that drives them, and is also what —

It scares them too, I think. I sometimes wonder, if we had been a lot smaller band in terms of personnel, like if there’d only been three people in the band, I don’t think we would have lasted as long. Because the beauty of having so many people in the band is you can go on tour, and if somebody’s giving you the shits, you can avoid them without it being obvious. That was one of the great things … wait, we’ve finished the interview, what am I doing?

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Originally broadcast on 3RRR FM 13 Oct 2008.


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