Legends of Motorsport guitarist Adam Stokes reads “The Life and Times of Little Richard”

“See, I couldn’t allow anyone to take an audience from me. If I saw the audience really clapping and going for another artist, it was as if something aroused up in me and said, I can’t allow this. I would do anything that was within me, anything to keep the house, even if I had to go on stage and throw money into the audience.

“One thing I would do is to dance with a table or chair in my mouth while they were doing their act. I’d seen Barry Lee Gill doing that at the Dew Drop Inn when I was young. I used it when I felt I wasn’t coming across to the people. I’d pick up a table with my arms straight out and let kids stand on the table and dance. I would do anything, and truly in my heart I did feel that nobody could take a show from me. I didn’t care how great they were, I didn’t care how many records they had — I would say, This is my house.”

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Originally broadcast on 3RRR FM 13 Oct 2008.


~ by miatimpano on October 16, 2008.

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