Rocket Science drummer Kit Warhurst reads “The Life and Times of Little Richard”

little-richard-v3“It was an unexpected booking, because the big Vegas hotels had refused to book me before. The star that was to open at this time was ill, so they decided they wanted me. I had no time at all for preparation, and there was not much advertising, but I still opened to a full house. The owners of the hotel were a bit skeptical, because they had never had a rock act before in this particular room.

“Well, I was trying to think what I could do to be different. I said: I gotta be gorgeous. Mind, I’d always do that. I’d stand on stage and tell them how beautiful I was, and they’d agree with me.

“So I’d had this red jacket made, and it had inch-square mirrors sewn all over it. I made them put out all the lights except two little baby spots. With those spots jiggling above me, there was light sparkling all over the place bouncing off the mirrors. Man, they loved it. It was fifteen minutes before I could do my first number. They loved that jacket almost as much as they loved the show. And they thought it was fabulous.”

Download full reading as .mp3 (2.5Mb)

Originally broadcast on 3RRR FM 10 Nov 2008.


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