Interview with Clockcleaner

clockcleanerMia Timpano: I think that anti-depressants and mood drugs for kids is like, I don’t know —

John Sharkey: That’s fucking with a lot of serious things. Like, when I was a kid, if I was acting like an asshole, my dad would smack the shit out of me. And guess what, I responded to that very well. I was like, Okay, I will NOT piss on my little sister again. Never doing that. I responded to that very well. But now it’s like, Oh, my son’s pissing all over my daughter, I don’t know … I think maybe Ritalin or Zoloft, maybe like hang him upside down from a helium balloon, maybe like tickle his feet and then like draw a circle on his face and some Indian guy to chant — it’s bullshit. […]

Nathaniel (tour bassist): I was a son of bitch when I was a kid as well.

John: Everyone’s an asshole when they’re a kid, and everyone’s an asshole when they get older.

Nathaniel: I got a wooden spoon and sugar taken out of my diet. And it seemed to work.

John: You must have been really skinny. Who’s your dad? Hitler?

Stream interview part 1: posers, arseholes, Metallica, Guns n’ Roses

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Stream interview part 2: Yngwie Malmsteen, Hitler, AIDS, Carrot Top, killing people

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Originally broadcast on 3RRR FM 24 Nov 2008.


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